Dates & Hours

SCSO welcome

*No pets allowed, service animals only please.*



Our Retail Room is OPEN !

Monday-Friday 10am to 2pm





Call ahead for apple varieties available.

No public restrooms available!

 **We accept cash, check and credit card at our Retail Store**

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Pick your Own Apples

**Due to our location, we can not accept credit cards for payment at PYO  

Cash or check only please.  We are sorry for any inconvenience**

Silver Creek Orchard

2951 Pharsalia Rd, Tyro, VA 22976

September 9, 2023 and October 14,  2023

Hours for Pick Your Own (Silver Creek Orchards)

Saturday Hours ONLY 9am -4pm



Seamans’ Orchard

1040 Dark Hollow Rd, Roseland, VA 22967

September 16th and 17th, 2023

 Hours for Pick Your Own (Seamans Orchards)

Saturday Hours 9am-4pm

Sunday Hours 11am-4pm


Silver Creek and Seamans’ Orchards, Inc.

5529 Crabtree Falls Hwy, Tyro, VA 22976

October 28, 2023

 Hours for Pick Your Own (Silver Creek and Seamans Orchards, Inc.)

Saturday Hours 10am-4pm CASH OR CHECK ONLY PLEASE



Varieties available for picking

September 9th: Jonathan, Mutsu, Jonagold, Blue Ridge Crisp,  September Wonder (Early Fuji), Mystery, Blue Ridge Crisp & Empire. (@ Silver Creek Orchards)

September 16th and 17th: Empire, Jonagold, September Wonder (Early Fuji), Red Delicious, Golden Delicious (@ Seamans’ Orchard)

October 14th: Fuji, Granny Smith, Arkansas Black, Black Twig, Winesap,  and Pippin (@ Silver Creek Orchards)

October 28th: Pink Lady, Gold Rush, Sweet Cheeks, Black Twig and Lady Apples (@ Silver Creek and Seamans’ Orchards, Inc.)

Please note that Mother Nature can Affect what varieties are available!

  Christy picking apples  

More Than Just Apples!

*We Press Our Own Apple Cider*




 See our Apple Butter Festival page for UPDATED details 



 Pick Your Own Pumpkins

Pumpkin Patch will be open daily

October 1 – 31, 2023

Monday to Thurs 10am to 4pm Friday 10am to 2pm

Saturday 10am to 4:30pm Sunday 1pm to 5pm

pumpkin picture