The Cidery

In January 2016 Silver Creek & Seamans’ Orchard started pressing our own mountain-grown apples into cider. Our cidery is operated by Adam Cooke, who has been working with SCSO for several years and has made our cidery a huge success. We use multiple varieties of apples to achieve the perfect sweet cider blend. We’re specializing in wholesale bulk juice for making alcoholic, non-alcoholic, and single-variety cider.

Pressing is available year-round!
Coast-to-coast shipping is available!

Image of Adam and Penelope in the cidery

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5529 Crabtree Falls Hwy
Tyro, VA 22976


Varieties Available for Pressing

Ashmead’s Kernal, Gold Rush, Blue Ridge Crisp, Winesap, Virginia Hughes Crab, Stayman, Harrison, Cameo, Wild Twist, Honeycrisp, Mutsu, Jonagold, Jonathan, Black Twig, Lodi, Virginia Gold, Empire, Arkansas Black, Pink Lady, Manchurian Crab, Gala, Pristine, Ginger Gold, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Red Delicious, Fuji, Summer Rambo


Apples and Cider
Cider Tanker being filled